Galatians — Introduction

For our next series of Monday Meat, we’ll be looking at Jono’s study notes of Galatians.

Jono's Bible Study Notes

We’ve just finished a three-year study of Luke’s two-volume writing: Luke-Acts. We’ll now go through each of the letters of Paul in chronological order, taking note of where Paul was in Acts when he wrote them, Paul’s history with churches to which he wrote, and what happened in those churches that prompted the letter.

We start with Paul’s first book: Galatians.

An Outline of Paul’s Life

(from Acts from the first introduction to the end of the first missionary journey; shaded areas indicate the churches in Galatia to whom the letter would have been written)

Acts 7:58 First mention at the stoning of Stephen
8:1 Saul approves of the stoning of Stephen
9:1-2 Saul was the primary persecutor and enemy of the church.
9:3-19 The conversion of Saul
9:20-25 Saul’s witness in Damascus
9:26-29 Saul’s witness in Jerusalem
9:30 Saul sent to his home town of Tarsus
11:25-26 Barnabas brings…

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