Solid Food Podcast: Bible Memory

You can listen to the podcast on Bible memory here.

ScriptureTyper is now called There is a website as well as an app that you can use for help in memorizing Scripture.

Other Resources:
Where to Begin – also read Janet Pope’s book His Word in My Heart
10 Tips for Memorizing a Bible Chapter
How to Memorize Scripture
Four Tips for Scripture Memory
10 Practical Tips for Memorizing Scripture
4 Tips for Memorizing God’s Word
Bible Memorization Methods
More links (as always, use discernment with any website or blog and compare what they are saying with Scripture)


Solid Food Podcast: Bible Intake

You can listen to the next episode (Bible Intake) here.

The Genres reading plan can be found here. Professor Grant Horner’s reading plan is here. The Facebook group to join for reading the Bible in 90 days on “even” years.

How to Study the Bible series