Solid Food Podcast: Ecclesiology, Angelology, Eschatology

The podcast episode can be found here.

Further resources can be found on these sites:

Solid Food Podcast: Man, Sin, and Salvation

The podcast on anthropology, hamartiology, and soteriology (man, sin, and salvation) can be found here.

Anthropology Resources:
Blog post on anthropology
Articles on anthropology from Monergism
The Nature of Man by Ligonier

Hamartiology –
Blog post on hamartiology
The Westminster Confession on Sin
The Fall of Humanity by Michael Horton

Soteriology –
Blog post on soteriology
The Holy Spirit’s Work in Salvation by A.W. Pink
God’s Part and Man’s Part
Justification by Faith Alone from Ligonier

Solid Food Podcast: Theology & Apologetics

The podcast is up here.

Theology Resources –

Christian Beliefs by Wayne Grudem (Disclaimer: I urge caution regarding some of Grudem’s theology, however, this book is a basic primer on theology and is easy to read and understand without getting too bogged down into controversial issues. As always please use discernment in what you read and watch)
Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris
Everyone’s a Theologian by R.C. Sproul
Crucial Questions series by R.C. Sproul (these are all free for Kindle on Amazon)
Exploring Christian Theology 
editors Michael Svigel and Nathan Holsteen (3 volumes)

Theology for Life
Theology Articles

Video or Audio:
Foundations: An Overview of Systematic Theology – dvd series by R.C. Sproul
Drive By Theology – Todd Friel and Steve Lawson

Apologetics Resources –

Tactics by Greg Koukl
Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace
Contend: Defending the Faith in a Fallen World by Aaron Armstrong
Smooth Stones by Joe Coffey

Stand to Reason
CARM (Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry)