Blogging through Boice

I have started reading through James Montgomery Boice’s Foundations of the Christian Faith. It is an introductory systematic theology and very readable. As a way of introducing theology, I thought it might be helpful to blog through this book as I read it. It is divided into sections:

Book 1 – The Sovereign God
Part 1: The Knowledge of God
Part 2: The Word of God
Part 3: The Attributes of God
Part 4: God’s Creation

Book 2 – God the Redeemer
Part 1: The Fall of the Race
Part 2: Law and Grace
Part 3: The Person of Christ
Part 4: The Work of Christ

Book 3 – Awakening to God
Part 1: The Spirit of God
Part 2: How God Saves Sinners
Part 3: The Life of the Christian
Part 4: The Work of God

Book 4 – God and History
Part 1: Time and History
Part 2: The Church of God
Part 3: A Tale of Two Cities
Part 4: The End of History

Join us as we dive into learning about theology, the study of God.


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