False Teaching Friday: Catholicism

Some articles on whether or not the Roman Catholic Church teaches the true gospel.

A comparison of the Roman gospel to the biblical gospel: Is Rome a Christian Church?
Quotes from article:
“The gospel as preached by the Roman Catholic Church is diametrically opposed to the gospel as presented in Scripture. Therefore there can be no theological affinity between evangelicals and Roman Catholics or cooperation in ministry. To put it bluntly the Roman Catholic Church is no more Christian that Buddhism, Hinduism or Islam, and Scripture is quite clear, we shouldn’t call Catholics brothers or partner in any ministry or political work with the Roman Catholic Church.”
“We must also be mindful that there are likely attenders of Catholic churches who are saved, but they are saved in spite of the teachings of the RC church, not because of it. Roman Catholics are the mission field not our brothers and sisters in Christ.” (emphasis in original)

White Paper on Catholicism by Berean Research


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