Unglamorous Discernment

Great thoughts on discernment from Debbie

The Outspoken TULIP

Discernment BibleMost evangelical women would probably say that they have the spiritual gift of discernment. In Charismatic terms, the supposed gift manifests itself as an almost psychic sense about people or situations, typically indicated with a knowledgeable nod and a voice lowered in gravity. The discerning woman (or man) often claims direct revelation from the Holy Spirit, though some just rely on foreboding feelings and impressions. Charismatic discernment always has to do with detecting the presence of demonic spirits.

Non-Charismatics tend toward defining discernment in terms of distinguishing truth from error. Basically this definition is correct, but it often gets perverted into heresy hunting. I’ve been writing about that problem, perhaps because I struggle with that temptation. Those of us who understand how desperately present-day evangelicals need to discern between good teaching and bad doctrine tend to get so obsessed with exposing false teachers that we lose sight of our responsibility…

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