Galatians 2:11-21

Jono's Bible Study Notes

Paul’s Defense of Himself and the Gospel (Part 3)

Paul Confronts Peter for the sake of the truth of the Gospel

As we’ve discovered, Paul is forced to defend his apostleship and his gospel message because very soon after he left Galatia, false teachers came in and started preaching a different gospel. In the False teachers’ gospel, a Gentile must first become a Jewish convert before becoming a Christian, or at least in practice. They were teaching that the males must be circumcised and they all must abide by the Law of Moses.

This was contradictory to the gospel that Paul preached to them. Paul said that none of those things were necessary. One is saved by grace through faith and nothing else. There was no need for the Gentiles to concern themselves with trying to obey the Mosaic Law.

We saw already that, regardless of what the false teachers…

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