Galatians 1:10-24

Looking at Galatians 1:10-24

Jono's Bible Study Notes

Paul’s Defense of Himself and the Gospel (Part 1)

There were false teachers that had come into the Galatian churches teaching the Galatians that Paul’s apostleship and message were illegitimate and not to be trusted. And we’ll see later that part of that false teaching was that in order to find favor with God, the Mosaic Law had to be followed. This was in direct opposition to Paul’s message of salvation by grace alone. This type of false teaching does not save and so Paul wanted to be sure to set the record straight as quickly as possible. The Galatians were starting to accept a false gospel.

Paul was forced to defend the legitimacy of his apostleship (as we saw last time) and his message (as we’ll see today). Paul’s defense is not due to hurt pride or resentment, but out of a genuine concern for the Galatians and…

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