Solid Food Sisters: A Ministry for Moms with Young Kids

After reading Jen Wilkin’s book Women of the Word a couple years ago in which she suggested babysitting swaps to help moms with young kids to have solitary Bible study, I thought this was an excellent idea and something very practical that we can do for young moms. The idea is that for moms with young kids it can be very difficult to find time for studying the Bible and they often feel discouraged that they aren’t able to be in the Word as much as they would like (or need). By another woman being willing to babysit her kids once a week for an hour or two, she can use that time for Bible study and prayer. As she goes about her week with all she has going on, she knows that at least for those couple hours she will be able to do some uninterrupted Bible time. Ideally an older woman would be able to do this for a younger woman. That also provides opportunity for mentoring and discipling. But if nothing else, young moms could swap babysitting each other’s kids so that even every other week they would have that time. I dubbed this idea “Solid Food Sisters” as sisters in Christ we can encourage each other to grow in solid food by helping each other have good solid Bible study time. So look around you and see if there is someone who you could do this for, a young mom who longs for that Bible study time but has young kids that make that time difficult. Offer to babysit once a week so that she can have that uninterrupted time of Bible study. If you have young kids of your own, consider pairing up with another young mom and each of you would have at least every other week of this time. Older women, look at who you might develop this relationship with. Not only are you encouraging a young mom in her growth through God’s Word, but you are developing relationships with the kids you babysit and building into their lives. Let’s be intentional about studying God’s Word and helping each other in this endeavor!


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