Bible Reading Goals

At the start of a new year, many people set goals and make resolutions of what they want to accomplish in the new year. One of those often is reading their Bibles. Some like to use a reading plan, while others just try to read each day, taking as long or as short as it takes to read through the Bible. It is important as believers that we are reading our Bibles, and not just our favorite parts, but the whole Bible. We don’t read our Bibles to gain favor with God; crossing it off a checklist each day doesn’t earn us brownie points. Rather, we read the Bible in order to better know God himself, Who has revealed Himself in the Bible.

For me I have found that having a reading plan helps me to stay on track and be consistent with Bible reading. I encourage you as we begin this new year to find a reading plan and make it a goal to read through the entire Bible. It doesn’t have to be in a year – it can take two or three years – or as long as it takes, but resolve to read through all of it. The reading plan I recommend for those who often get bogged down in the early books and then give up is called the Weekly Genres plan. This has you reading in a different section of Scripture each day. You can access it here. This has you reading in a different genre each day, which helps to keep from getting bogged down in one particular part of Scripture.

Several of us will be reading through the Bible in 90 days this year. You are welcome to join us here. Or sign up via email if you’re not on Facebook. There are lots of great reading plans out there to help you read through the Bible. See the sidebar on this blog page for just a few of them. Youversion also has many plans you can choose from to read the Bible.

In answer to your objections

Various articles about Bible reading as well as various reading plans (note of caution – I do not necessarily endorse all the sites from which these articles were pinned, please be discerning)

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