How to Study the Bible – A Brief Overview

Overview of the inductive Bible Study method

Sojourner Between Worlds

I’m not sure when I was originally introduced to the inductive Bible study method. For sure I learned about it in college but may have been exposed to it earlier than that, having grown up in a Christian home. For one of my classes in college we read the book Living By the Book by William and Howard Hendricks, which covers the inductive Bible study method thoroughly. I also used the Kay Arthur studies which uses the inductive study method.

What does the inductive Bible study method mean? In brief, it is going from the general to the specific using reasoning. Typically, inductive Bible study includes these 3 steps:




1. Observation – this is the stage we want to spend the most time in. In order for interpretation and application to be correct, we need to observe, observe, observe! One of the things that Bible study books…

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