How to Memorize Entire Books of the Bible

Memorizing the Bible is very rewarding!

Jemar Tisby

If I had walked in late to the final plenary session at the inaugural Cross Conference, I would have simply thought I was listening to an impassioned sermon.  But Pastor David Platt’s point in that session was to demonstrate that Scripture itself can be preached and the word of God should evoke a response at least as great as a majestic song or a moving sermon.  And he illustrated his exhortation by reciting the first eight chapters of the book of Romans in front of an audience of thousands…word-for-word…from memory.

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There’s no magic to memorizing long passages of Scripture.  It takes hard work, but anyone can do it.  I first discovered a method for memorizing large portions of the Scripture from the Desiring God website.  I’ve used this memorization strategy to recite dozens of verses at a time, so I know it works.  If you…

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