Monday Meat – Ephesians 1:11-23

In the previous Monday Meat posts we’ve looked at the first 10 verses of Ephesians 1. Verse 11 starts off once again with the repeated phrase “In Him”. These many blessings that Paul is writing about are because of Christ, not us. Have you put your faith in Christ alone? He is the only Way.

As believers, the truth of our future is secure. It doesn’t matter what happens to us in this life for we have an eternal inheritance awaiting for us. God purposed to predestine us, for everything He does is according to His will. The first believers, the first to place their hope in Christ in this new redemption, were for God’s praise and His glory. So far in this chapter of Ephesians we have discovered our redemption – freedom from the sin that bound us, forgiveness – no longer having our sins counted against us, and our adoption and inheritance as sons of God. This means that we are counted as heirs with Christ (see also Romans 8:17). No matter what we face on this earth, our eternity has been secured and our inheritance there awaits us. This gives us the courage to face the trials and difficulties of this life, knowing that a future with Christ is waiting for us. Other passages (along with Romans 8) that speak to this include 2 Corinthians 4, where Paul talks about our momentary afflictions here are nothing compared to the glory that is coming for us in heaven. We can’t see it now, but this passage affirms for us this truth, the hope that we have to hold on to during our sojourn here.

The gospel is the word of truth and believing in Christ (the Word – John 1:1) saves us. We are then sealed with the Holy Spirit – He is our guarantee that we will get the inheritance promised to us. These verses bring out the truth of the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints. They show that a true believer, sealed with the Holy Spirit, will not lose their salvation, but is guaranteed an inheritance in heaven. What comfort these words bring! And all this is so that God receives praise. His glory is praised. So much in this chapter has pointed out God’s glory – his glorious inheritance, his glorious riches, his glorious grace. All of our salvation is for God’s glory.

Because these Christians were sealed by the Holy Spirit upon their faith in the Lord Jesus, Paul expresses his thanks for them and prays for them. He also mentions that he has heard of the love they have for other believers. Their faith in Christ and their love for other Christians is known to Paul, which makes him thankful. Hearing how other Christians are doing in the faith and finding out that they are growing should be a cause for us to express thanks to God. We should be continuing to remember each other in prayer. Paul also prays that they would have wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge of God, knowledge of the hope that they have been called to and knowledge of the riches of God’s inheritance to them as believers. Do we pray such prayers for our fellow Christians? Do we pray this for ourselves? Are our eyes enlightened to know this knowledge?

God’s power is immeasurable. As an example of His incredible power, Paul reminds his readers that God raised Christ from the dead. And then seated Him at His right hand above all other rulers and powers. For all eternity. God put everything in subjection to Christ and made Him the head of the church. This church is His body, His fullness. Christ fills all in all and we are His body. This paragraph just shouts of God’s immense power and authority over all of creation. And He has chosen us as believers to be His own! What tremendous grace and incredible privilege we have in Christ. God’s power is revealed in Christ’s resurrection, so we never have to fear that He will not complete what He has started (Philippians 1:6).

Next week we’ll wrap up Ephesians 1.


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