Bible Intake

There are many different ways that we can increase our Bible intake. Of course reading the Bible as well as studying it are the typical ways we ingest the Bible. Reading the Bible and studying it are two different things. Studying includes reading, but also includes observing, asking questions, determining the meaning and finding the principle in order to apply it.

Another way for us to get the Bible into our lives is to listen to it on audio. There are many great audio Bibles out there, some done in a dramatic style, that we can listen to as we drive on our commute, do our exercise, or work around the house.

Memorizing Scripture is a great way to increase our knowledge of the Bible. This also aids in meditating on Scripture. Biblical meditation is mulling over a Scripture passage, thinking through the phrases, chewing on what they are saying. Memorizing Scripture allows us to meditate on it without having a Bible nearby. A great resource to help in memorizing the Bible is ScriptureTyper.

Listening to solid expository preaching is another way to increase our Bible intake. There are a plethora of sermons available online that we can listen to directly on the computer or download to mp3. A couple preachers I highly recommend are John MacArthur on Grace to You and Alistair Begg at Truth for Life.


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