Bible Reading

While studying the Bible is important, it is also important that we take time to just read our Bibles. Using a reading plan to read through the whole Bible can be helpful to stay on track. For those who have tried to read the Bible through in a year and failed, try reading without worrying about finishing in a year. Just keep going and finish regardless of how long it takes to do it. It is worthwhile to read through the entire Bible, to see God’s whole story unfold through the Old and New Testaments. Another helpful way to read the Bible is to read it chronologically, to see how the prophets intersperse with the kings and David’s psalms are alongside the events happening in his life.

The most helpful reading plan that I’ve found for reading through the whole Bible is called the Weekly Genres plan. This plan reads in a different genre each day of the week. For example, one day is reading the Gospels, another day in the historical books of the Old Testament, while another day is in poetry such as Psalms. By breaking up the genres into different days of the week, it helps to get through some of the harder passages of Scripture (such as Leviticus). A link to this Bible reading plan can be found in the left sidebar or you can see it here.

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